About the100hands

The100Hands – performing arts collective working on the intersection of contemporary dance, live-art and site specific performances, is founded and led by Jasper Džuki Jelen and Mojra Vogelnik Škerlj.

Within its frame grows an organization of professionals, who combine their passion for movement, performing arts, architecture, contemporary psychology and education. The artistic work and organizational structures of the collective express the urging importance of constructive human relationships, social cohesion and environmental awareness.

'If the body doesn't lie, what does it tell?'  
Jasper Džuki Jelen

The primary tool in our work is the body. Within the body one can 'know' things beyond words, images and reasoning – we feel and physically respond. By keenly observing the body (the tool) in interaction (the means) with its surrounding, we aim to unravel situations so common in daily life, that their implications can easily be overseen. Becoming aware of our choices expressed through the body, opens the door to get to know ourselves, the other and the environment. It allows for playfullness, experimentation, confrontation and learning to live life fulfilled and satisfied together (the goal).

The100Hands create contexts for people to gather phyiscally, with these aims to observe, play, confront and learn from the knowledge within all bodies present and the unique ways they relate. These gatherings can take various forms: performances, interventions in public spaces, interactive installations, trainings, lectures and other forms in order to attain a desired impact. We wish to create work from a deep human curiosity which resonates with all sorts of people beyond devision.

'If you look at something long enough, that what you might have seen at first glance will change completely.'

Mojra Vogelnik Škerlj

Our vision is alive and changing in response to our study, experience and growth. Each encounter we have with each other, our public, students, friends, speakers, bypassers, great peers, outstanding teachers and unpredictable life situations nurture this journey, on which we hope to meet you somewhere.

founder / maker / performer

Mojra (SI) has parallel to her professional background in architecture developed into authentic performer/dancer through intensive study of capoeira, international dance courses and personal research in the field of improvisation and voice. Since relocating to the Netherlands in 2010 she directs her focus towards performing, creating and teaching internationally. She continously develops her vision on the use of space to stimulate public gathering and active audience-ship, as well as environmentally responsible production design overally. She currently studies the traditional form of Hatha yoga, which also nurtures her perspective on observation and creation.

founder / maker / performer 

Jasper's has a degree in dance and a background in martial arts and theatre. For a decade he has been working with international award winning dance company Arch8 / Erik Kaiel, as well as conducting his own movement research in the fields of partnering and working on location. While being a guest teacher and choreographer for professional educations and companies, he founded The100Hands together with Mojra. Here he dedicates his creativity and performative experience to a longer and ongoing process of relating, learning and transformation.

member / creative business producer

Sanne Wichman is a match-maker in arts, producer, organizer and academic teacher. She has degrees in dance and dance education, as well as a master title in  Arts Education. She is part of The100Hands since 2016 as creative business producer and the driving force behind the scene's of our productions, collaborations and general organization.

member / co-maker / performer

Jade van den Hout is a freelance dancer, co-creator and teacher. As a performer she has directed her career towards the field of site-specific and interactive work. Since 2014 she has become more involved in the work of The100Hands by performing several productions, assisting and co-creating. She regularly follows trainings with Fighting Monkey (by J. Crucek and L. Kapetanea) which influences her physical development, as well as creative reflection and teaching skills.


The100Hands are supported by Stichting The100Hands and its board members:
Hans Blik (chairman)
Jette Schneider
Edgar Kampers


The100Hands are supported by
PLAN – nieuwe makers – theater, dans en circus, DansBrabant and Podium Bloos.


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